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Nairobi is one of the most popular tourist destinations of not only in East Africa, but the entire continent. The hospitality of local people, the deservedly world famous African cuisine, the night life which is impossible to match, and of course the legendary beauty of Kenyan girls are all alluring for the tourists who visit our city. If you visit this beautiful city, you might want to indulge in some fun activities. There are Among the best forms of entertainment is the group massage.

Nairobi Entertainment

Over the past few years the city has gone through a rather considerable change. In the City Center, higher and higher quality entertainment spots, discos, bars, ruin-pubs have been mushrooming. According to the accounts of groups, this loose, party atmosphere can’t be found anywhere, except in our city. It’s also in the favor of our city, that quantity hasn’t deteriorated quality. The standard of service is on the African level, the rich selection of our restaurants, the friendly and professional service, as well as hospitality have become fundamental concepts in recent years. And the prices are also very important in Kenyan! If anybody chooses Nairobi as the destination of an adventurous, eventful vacation, massage weekend in comparison with a Kenyan-Western city, he may manage it as much as 60-70% in such a way, which the quality he will enjoy may even be higher.

About Group Massage 

So you’ve all been wondering “What the f is a group massage or rather what’s involved in the same. Let me explain. A group spa or group massage involves several clients versus several masseurs or masseuses. That means if you and some friends are seeking a massage, let’s say five clients need a massage, they’ll be provided with five massage therapists. Sounds perfect..Right? There is a saying that sharing is caring. So don’t just book a massage for yourself, invite your friends and turn the average moment into a memorable experience while reducing stress. Moffat, from Nairobi Freelance Masseurs is expressly an organizer who specializes in organizing group massage service, hen- massage parties, and is devoted to the safe and high quality services of tourist groups visiting Nairobi, diplomats, expatriates and vip clientele seeking discreet and finest group massage events as well as spa parties. Broadening our spectrum, from 2014 we don’t only guide the groups entrusted to us into the pleasures of massage, we have also expanded our programs to include both daytime and night time outcall spa services which provide fun massage and once in a lifetime experiences that are guaranteed to give the best massage experience.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to deliver the best service unambiguously indicates our organization’s position, that just in the past year we organized and managed over 20 group massage events to the complete satisfaction of our groups. We are have the best and most attractive masseuses in the city, and as a result we are able to deliver by far the best massages and options for our clients. The high number of bookings and positive feedbacks motivate us to show the profile of our business to our valuable guests as well beyond the city of Nairobi.
Moffat, the organizer has the business philosophy of providing client centered group massage service, our goal is to do our best to offer such professional service, which will make our guests feel that they couldn’t have chosen better.
We hope that our website and our services will appeal to you and we may welcome you soon among our satisfied clients! Traditionally the ‘last night of freedom’, there is now a huge variety of ways to have a pre-wedding party, birthday party or even a bash from energetic activities such as dancing, hen massage events or hang out parties, to the more salubrious ideas of wine tasting or gin making and nyama choma roasting just before the massage. Moffat has taken a look around the Nairobi to provide you with the best group massage event from the finest masseuses.


Gather a group of friends or colleagues and let us organize a well deserved escape for you. We will set aside amount of our time so that your group will have the massage all to themselves. We will set up a coffee/tea station, beverage bar and pastries or cookies as refreshments. You can also bring along any other extra snacks or beverages that you would like to provide. We will gladly set up a hand scrub station for your guests to experience a little extra pampering while they wait for their treatments. To learn more about group massage, available packages, prices and please contact Moffat on +254202067878


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